Actions speak louder then words. Below you will find feedback I received from working together with different Sales Leaders, L&D professionals and employees.

"...strategic, smart, analytical, efficient and succesful"

Josha has been an amazing colleague and crucial business partner these last few years. She has helped my team tremendously. The list of all the great initiatives Josha has launched and/or overseen is long but all came down to these characteristics: strategic, smart, analytical, efficient and succesful!

Josha masters the full training cycle perfectly, from identifying needs to evaluating the training sessions and projects. Josha is an honest and integer person, a good "active listener" as she would say and has strong communication skills, precise and to the point. I honestly cannot think of a single aspect that she can improve as she sets the bar very high for herself. I am grateful for the time we have worked together and it is my hounor to recommend Josha for any position requiring intelligence, commitment, business savviness and (training) strategy!

Sales Leader

"...proactive, ambitious, committed and a broadminded perfectionist"

Josha was one of the most committed professionals through her work at Indeed. Proactive, ambitious, committed and a broad-minded perfectionist. Josha is extremely enthusiastic about her work which is infectious. She is ready to with difficult situations and solve problems on time. She always makes sure that she takes care of the job. Josha will find a way to weather any storm with a smile. She learns quickly and I would have no hesitation in working with Josha again in the future.

Senior Sales Director

"...coached me in the right direction"

Josha helped me negotiate salary and terms of employment, make a well-considered choice and be well prepared for the interview. Josha took the time, explained how the process works and how an employer and employee approach the conversation and how you approach this conversation. Very nice to be able to include this information in the conversation and my process!

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Employee health sector

"...a client centric and creative approach"

I've worked with Josha on a number of projects in the L&D space, and she is always willing to flip the script, push boundaries and challenge the team to think "how can we do this better"? 

She is a valuable team player, always has a client centric and creative approach, while ensuring we align with the business goals. More importantly she is approachable and willing to be vulnerable with her team, ensuring a sense of psychological safety whether having a 1:1 of hosting a workshop or training session.

L&D professional

"...a true team player"

What I really appreciate in working together with Josha is that she is always keeping you in mind. She is a true team player. Next to that, Josha is strong in asking good and sharp questions which helps in forming the right direction of a project/training program. I would describe Josha as a very proactive, sharp, creative, fun and communicative professional and our time working together was too short.

L&D Professional

"...look for connection"

I always thought sales was superficial, but I learned that I need to look for connection and communicate, so that we understand each other and work together to a desired outcome for both parties.

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Training Attendee