What is L&D and why invest in it?

"People drive the succes of any organisation"

Why do companies exist?
Because they are successful! I believe it’s fair to say when a company is not developing, reaching goals, accomplishing things, they are not successful and likely to fail and  stop existing. 

What determines the success of any organisation?
In a report Driving the New Learning Organisation, it was concluded that developing successful organisations are built from these principles: growth, transformation, productivity and profitability. 

Who is responsible for the success of any organisation?
It’s people! In the ever changing and uncertain labour market, people are the most valuable asset of a company. Investing in the potential of the workforce becomes more crucial than ever.

This is easier said then done. The mix of employees is changing as a result of an increasingly competitive corporate environment, growing complexity, and the digital revolution. Meanwhile, reskilling and upskilling are important due to ongoing unpredictability, a multigenerational workforce, and rapidly changing knowledge environment.

How can L&D contribute to this?
To understand how L&D can contribute to this, let’s consider what happens is you don’t build on a high-performance and employee focused organisation? The answer is simple: decline. High-performing organisations gain competitive advantage and increase market share, all what is needed to exist. L&D is the key to that success.

It has been researched as well. Well functioning L&D departments are seeing a 24% increase of productivity when learning is done well. 

What even makes an organisation stronger is when L&D connect well with business leaders, engage learners, promote a culture of inclusion and offering blended learning (using technology/skills/ collaboration). This will lead to an even higher performing and more productive organisation. 

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