My inspiration, hope it will inspire you as well

In my approach as a L&D specialist I make use of short micro-learnings and motivational exercises that make you think and challenge you to take risks and try something new. These exercises can be done in, what we call, “the flow of work”. This means you can do them as short breaks of maximum 10 minutes, to actually break up your day on purpose, challenge your mind and make you reflect. Below you will find video’s that I use or got inspired by and I hope they will inspire you.

Simon Sinek, author and inspirational speaker. He really inspires my training ideas with different concepts he explains. 

This one is about leadership, how leaders set the tone. When you feel safe in your surrounding you will be able to excel and develop because you are not afraid to make mistakes and feel safe enough to share ideas. 

This is something I strive for in the work that I do. Creating an environment where people feel comfortable to learn.

Fail early, fail often, fail forward

To be succesful you need to be comfortable with failure. When you know where your challenges lay (where you failed), you know what to work on to grow. 

I totally supportive this approach, it’s ok to not be great at something from the start or to even loose or fail, its how you then approach the challenge and move forward that will determine how you will develop.

Challenge yourself

Will Smith about working hard and believing in yourself first. If you don’t believe you can or do, you won’t be able to actually live it. Don’t be scared to try.

I love how he created a sense of self and believe. It motivates me to have a “I can” attitude. “He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right.”

Will Smith is motivated and inspired by Mohammed Ali, in case you want to explore this topic more. 


Powerpoint, how to make it interesting!

Powerpoint…. we all know them, those boring, long stories that seem to never end. Pieces of text on the screen that you can’t read in time because then the slide is already gone.

Boring presentations must end!

Part of my session about powerful presenting is creating the right content. This video gives a nice idea on how to make your presentations memorable!