Development Programs

The development programs are created for specific groups to develop the specific skills that these groups need. One thing they all have in common: it is all about understanding where people are now and helping them taking steps towards their potential. All the sessions are build from a mix of theory, interaction and reflection, these are the ingredients for succesfull learning.

Talent Development / Personal leadership

Retaining and developing talent is crucial for the succes of any organisation. Learning well done actually improves the retainment of people by 38%*. Providing employees with the opportunity to develop themselves, will create strong and motivated individuals who are involved and engaged. Its a great program to get to know yourself even more and become more empowered to achieve goals. This course will offer (among other topics):

  • Qualities and Challenges
  • Preferences in working together with others
  • Communication Styles and Techniques
  • Coaching 
  • Team Building

* Towards Maturity. 2018, “the Transformation Curve”

Future leader

Leadership skills, are a set of behaviors used to help align collective direction, execute strategic plans, and continually renew an organisation. Reachers shows* that there are 4 types of behaviors that account for 89% of leadership being effective:

  • Being supportive
  • Being result oriented 
  • Seeking perspectives
  • Effective problem solving
Leadership is not something people are born with, its a skill that can be developed. This is the focus during the future leader program. Build out the skills and behaviors to be a better leader.

* Mckinsey. 2022, “What is Leadership”

Female Empowerment

Although a lot has been done in the recent years to create gender equality in the workplace, we are not there yet. Some facts about workplace equality:

Men are more likely to apply for a role that takes their interest, even if they only meet 60% of the requirements. Woman need to think the role suits their personality and skills and feel like they need to meet 100% of the requirements.

With this program we focus on empowering woman to become strong and confident individuals. The course includes topics like:

  • Individual communication styles
  • Assertiveness
  • Teamwork
  • Self-awareness
  • Public speaking

Team development

What makes a group powerful and succesfull? Teamwork! 

This course will offer, besides a fun time, more insights on how teams work and how this team can benefit from the strengths of each other. 

In this course we will offer (among other topics):

  • Qualities and Challenges of the team
  • Working more powerful together
  • Communication Styles and Techniques
  • Team Building

Custom program

Let’s start from scratch and understand what people and/or teams are experiencing and hoping to develop within your organisation. 

Together with leadership we will determine what topics can be useful and create a whole custom made program that might even cover different topics and skills to address different learning requirements. We will fit this program to cover all the needs.