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    Frequently Asked Question!

    We will initially set up 30 minutes to understand your needs and see how I can help. There is no obligation from either side to continue. We will first understand if we are a good fit and if the solution you are looking for is something I can offer. If so, we will determine what approach is most suitable and create a tailored offer. 

    This depends on your request for help. After I understand your needs I will create a tailored offer. 

    I use different methods depending on the service I provide. In the services section of the website you will find more information. In short, I either use live or virtual training methods for delivery and always a blended approach to learning. This means providing every learner opportunities to learn the way they like. 

    I offer different tailor fit solutions. Whether you are looking for quick boost of skill development or a long term engagement, I am available to assist where you need it. Please find specific information on the different solutions on the services tab at the top of the page. 

    I believe my background already makes a great difference, having worked with different cultures, within sales and within education creates a great blend of learning in a professional environment. I create a safe environment and a place where everyone feels comfortable to learn. I believe in the end of the day, when you feel happy and succeeding you feel more fulfilled and I love to help with that. 

    Reviews can be found on the homepage or in the why Let’s Grow tab in the top menu.

    Initially I would set up a 30 minute call to discuss your needs. Depending on these outcomes I would either be working with you for a week (for single sessions) or stay involved for 6 – 12 months (for development programs). 

    To be succesfull with the L&D initiatives there needs to be a close collaboration with the organisation to stay aligned and on the same page. 

    Not a problem at all! Just navigate to the “Let’s Connect” tab on the top menu, fill out the contact form and I will reach out to answer your question.